Expo Stockholm

Description Exhibitors
Date: 2023-01-28
Place: Södertälje

Size of tables is 183 X 76 cm. Only one seller/company per booking (except for two people sharing a table). If you wish, for example, who you want to stand next to, you must fill in this in the booking and we will try to take this into consideration when we make the table placements before the fair. Please feel free to replace any table /tables with a floor area for example freezer boxes, just fill out in comments.
Note! Cancellations of tables made after 20/1-2023 will be charged with full fee.
One chair is included in each booking.

Thank you! Your booking is sent and you will shortly be contacted by organizer for further information.
Sorry, The exhibition is fully booked at the moment.


The following points undertake all exhibitors to follow when they exhibit animals at the Expo Stockholm fair.
The promoter reserves the right at any time and in consultation with the fair's animal welfare officer reject salesman who violates following point below.
- No animals who violate Swedish law is allowed at the fair.
- All vendors are required to provide information about animals care, etc., in accordance with Chapter 3. § 3, Animal Welfare Agency's regulations and general guidelines (DFS 2014: 17) on conditions for keeping, breeding and sales etc. of animals intended for companionship and hobby. (See link at bottom).
- The seller is obliged to deliver breeders certificate on the animal which shows the following information:
- Scientific name of the animal, (and common names if there have).
- Contact information for buyers, sellers and / or breeder.
The seller is obligated to show breeders certificate to the organizers staff
- Date of birth (if available).
- Gender (if available).
- The date of the transfer.
- Listing of the animal ( CITES listing, etc.).
Animals that are clearly stressed or showing clinical signs of disease shall be removed from the table and placed so they are not disturbed by visitors. The organizer may ask the dealer to remove animals if necessary.
It is not allowed to handle the animal outside the container / jar during the fair (if any kind of repackaging is necessary during the fair contact exhibition controllers).
Reptiles, except for small water turtles (?10 cm), to be held one by one. The size of the storage container for water turtles adapted in size according to number of individuals.
Storage containers may only have transparency from one side.
The storage container should have an inner dimension corresponding to 1.5 dl. Animals must be able to turn without problems, and rest in the normal posture. Containers shortest side or the minimum diameter should be at least equal to 1.5 times the length (snout-cloaca) for lizards and amphibians, 0.3 times the length (nose tip of tail) of snakes, and 2 times the length of the carapace (carapace length) for turtles . The height must be adapted to the species, size and behavior.

The storage container should include security-enhancing interior to permit the transport, and appropriate for the species with respect to humidity, temperature and lifestyles (eg. Aquatic animals should be kept aquatic, semi-aquatic animals in semi-moist substrate, other animals must have for species suitable substrate and furnishings).

The interior should be of such a nature that the animals can be observed with relative ease by visitors.
Vendors of species whose temperature requirements differ from the premises (21-27 ° C) must have equipment to measure and control it. Likewise, there must be equipment to measure the humidity in the containers of species that requires it.
Species that are normally present in the native fauna must have complete documents proving that they are captive-bred and the name and contact details on the breeder.
It is strictly forbidden to shake or tap the animal reservoir.
No fur animals are allowed in the premises, besides frozen.
Animals bred to obtain an appearance as greatly deviates from its normal shape is not allowed at the fair (for example scale less reptiles). Different color morphs is allowed.

Venomous animals are only allowed in designated areas at the premises.
The venomous animals should be packaged in double container and taped so that they can not bite or spit through vents or similar.
The container should be well marked with the word "Venomous" and the species name.
Venomous animals may only be sold by and to persons over 18 year of age.
Venomoids are not allowed at the fair.

For Cites-B-listed animals, we recommend that you use, for example, the Swedish Board of Agriculture's pedigree certificate as documentation: https://webbutiken.jordbruksverket.se/sv/artiklar/harstamningsintyg-for-b-c-och-d-listade-cites-djur.html
The following information regarding legislation, animal protection, species protection and disease control, the seller must take part in accordance with the exemption.
Link to the exemption.
L80. State Board of Agriculture regulations and general guidelines on conditions for keeping, breeding and sales etc. of animals intended for companionship and hobby: http://www.jordbruksverket.se/download/18.37e9ac46144f41921cd16327/1401795414737/2014-017.pdf
Species Protection Ordinance (here are the rules on selling animals that normally occur in the Swedish fauna). http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/20070845.HTM
EC 338/97. Arrangements for trade in endangered species, European CITES regulations, species list: http://www.jordbruksverket.se/download/18.4e7f1663135f13502d28000504/Bilaga A_D Wild
Regulations amending the National Board of Agriculture regulations (SJVFS 1996: 24) on the entry of animals, semen, ova and embryos
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