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I have a good friend that have a farm and he has always had trouble with flies, in his house and he doesn´t want to use any pesticides any more. So i suggested that i can let out twenty Holconia huntsman spiders in his house. First he was worried because his wife has a fobia with spiders. When i had discussed and told him that it´s ok to try another method, he said ok let´s try it, and he made me promise not to tell his wife and kids, that we had planted out some spiders in their house. I told him that that is no problem, the only problem we would have is to smuggle in the spiders when they are not at home.

Two weeks later i recieved a phonecall from him and told me to come over with the spiders, so i gathered up some subadult huntsman spiders and rushed over.

A week later everything was going well, there was hardly any flies left flying around. We decided to let them be for a bit longer. Two days later when one of his kids  where doing their homework on the laptop, a giant huntsman spider, Holconia ran over the screen. The kid just started to scream and his wife came running and when she came to the hallway outside of the kids bedroom a holconia jumped into her hair, she screamed and was jumping around like crazy. When my friend heard the fuss, he wanted to see what it was about. So when he came to his hysterical wife, he saw that she had a mature holconia male on her back and a little one hanging in her hair. He had to calm her down and when she had, he just shook them on the floor. He called me the same night and we collected all of them. We only found seventeen of them.

Still missing three, just hope that their not breeding. Untill this day she still doesn´t know that it was some of my spiders that was on a mission:))

Oh i just forgot, hes wife is going to therapy....



haha herregud :) 

kan se kaoset med den skrikande frugan framför mig :)


rejäla pjäser! o dom ser ju ut o kunna ge rejäla bett? 

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