Nya plastterrarier med hemleverans

Nya plastterrarier med hemleverans

Sverige, Stockholms län, Stockholm
Terrarium & tillbehör säljes
I_Love_Snakes 5.0
2023-05-28 22:05


Brand new enclosures made by Future Terra available right away!
- Cheap shipping with home delivery around Sweden

- 100% recycable, nonreactive and safe for every type of living organism (our material is attested for drinking water and food storage)

- made out of solid polypropylene (PP not PVC) sheets

- heat welded construction (no glue nor silicones used)

- fully waterproof

- tempered glass front

- stainless steel, detachable hinges

- super solid, durable and long lasting product

- a perfect base for naturalistic enclosures with constant high level of

Since we only produce our products for orders with minimum 4-5 weeks waiting time, this is an special opportunity to buy and test them by yourself in reality.

Available two different setups of each size:
- 60x60x60cm
- 80x40x35cm
- 40x40x40cm

Prices on the pictures.

We produce customsized and customised enclosures up to 250x120x120 in one piece, and with no size limits with "combined" constructions.

Price calculator of other sizes: https://futureterra.eu/offer/
Email: Contact@futureterra.eu


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